• I am a warrior

    holding my sword to the sky I announce every victory with a howl

  • I am a dreamer

    I let my mind float to the stars with every swish of the page..


Believe it and it will become. Breath and life shall thrive. Create a space where anything can happen, from the unthinkable to an unrelenting beautiful fantasy.Read More →

The sun awoke, stifling a yawn it waved to the moon, mocking her enemy as he started to sink from the sky. “Mock me now sun, soon I shall curse you from this world until only my sharp light remains. I will be adored, I will be worshipped!” He spat, his eyes turning to slits as he fell beneath the hills. Such a charmer, the sun thought. Stretching her arms, she let out a howl of joy as she leapt into the sky, golden light pouring from her soul.  Sneaking through the curtains, it sliced its way across Ash’s room, bright light itching at her skin toRead More →

“Of course you’re still here,” a voice spoke, it’s condescending tone a familiar throbbing to Ashika. “Go away Theo” she muttered. “Why? It’s not like you have anyone else who will demean themselves by speaking to you Ash?” Theo leant against the stone wall, his blonde hair sticking to his skin as he snarled at her. She pondered why his hair always looked like a matted mane, perhaps he thought himself too good to bathe? “Well, if it is too demeaning to speak to me, why don’t you do us both a favour and disappear?” Ash spat, waving her hands as if to shoo theRead More →

The other field is greener Holding lush, evergrowing leaves. Yet here I am fenced Forced to hush, unless we become thieves. My hands are bruised and torn Nails chipped, yet still, ​they yearn. Fence too high for me to jump Wings clipped, when will I learn? A haze of gold and red I’m blind, the sun has taken​ my sight. The burning ball has overpowered the clouds Lost in​ my mind, how will I ever take flight.Read More →