• A Realm of Fantasy

    The Endless Flute

      He sang his tune And the melody danced, She looked to the heavens Heart entranced. He sang his tune Her skin shivered, Soul splintered Her heart quivered. He sang his tune Her feet began to move, Body thrumming to dance And she fell in love with the groove. He ended his tune Flute slowly dimming, He escaped through her window Her heart was still clinging. For years she’d cling to that moment, that second where she felt something more… something new.

  • Zola and The City of Roots series

    A Trial of Fear (Part 3)

    Zola rolled her eyes, then growled under her breath, “you love nothing and no one.” “Well… That’s just cruel!” He bellowed before laughing. The pair edged closer to the guild, the giant building singing of magic. As they entered hundreds of youths stared at them, their eyes full of mild panic and fear. “They look like you…” Eloy muttered, scanning the young mages for potential. Zola saw his knowledgeable gaze, the age in his eyes making her shiver. She wondered what he thought of her, would he pick her out of the crowd for her magic? She shook herself, not wanting to become even more worried. “I will find you…

  • Zola and The City of Roots series

    A Frenzy of Worry (Part 2)

    “I’m not praying!” She screamed, causing multiple heads to turn. Great, she thought, a whole audience to watch her skin turn pink. “Now now,” Eloy whispered, putting his arm around her shoulders. “I’m not here to judge you… Just to laugh at you.” She hissed, “isn’t that the same thing?” “NO!” He put his hands to his chest, pink eyes sparkling. “Fine, whatever, let’s just hurry up,” she growled, walking ahead of him. Within a second he’d caught up to Zola, his long legs easily matching her much smaller, strides. “I know; you’re worried aren’t you!” He announced, clicking his fingers as if he’d discovered a new species. “Worried about the…

  • Zola and The City of Roots series

    A Sister’s Absence (Part 1)

    “You look adorable!” Oak screamed, her voice splitting the air. “Leave me alone,” Zola replied, rolling her eyes. “Look at this tunic… It’s practically falling to the floor!” Zola looked down, cringing as the dark fabric grazed against the grass. “It’s not my fault! They thought I would grow to be your size.” Oak burst out laughing at her sister’s frustration, caressing Zola’s golden hair with love. “I’m sure you’re still growing –“ “Oak they need you at the gate!” Their mother’s voice made them turn, concern etching on Zola’s face as her older sister was summoned to, most likely, battle. Oak noticed her sister’s quivering. “Now now, I’ll be…