A Frenzy of Worry (Part 2)

“I’m not praying!” She screamed, causing multiple heads to turn.

Great, she thought, a whole audience to watch her skin turn pink.

“Now now,” Eloy whispered, putting his arm around her shoulders. “I’m not here to judge you… Just to laugh at you.”

She hissed, “isn’t that the same thing?”


He put his hands to his chest, pink eyes sparkling.

“Fine, whatever, let’s just hurry up,” she growled, walking ahead of him.

Within a second he’d caught up to Zola, his long legs easily matching her much smaller, strides.

“I know; you’re worried aren’t you!” He announced, clicking his fingers as if he’d discovered a new species. “Worried about the exam!”

“No, I’m not,” Zola lied, avoiding his wise eyes.

He laughed, his whole body vibrating.

“It’ll be fine darling,” he comforted, his easy personality doing nothing to ease her mind.

“How will it be fine!”

Zola finally snapped.

She stopped walking, then turned to her friend with her eyes burning.

“Hey now –“ he tried, but it was no use… She had begun panicking.

“If I fail I’ll never join the guild, I’ll never learn magic or be able to hear our God. If this exam doesn’t go well, I’ll never be able to join my family! My sister could die out there protecting us and I’ll never be able to save her if I’m stuck in this cursed city!”

“Zola,” Eloy whispered, his eyes turning sad. “Listen, you are much too young for such a brave heart,” he poked her chest. “And you are much too young to worry about a sister who’s only concern is your safety.”

Zola blinked, her anger and nerves dissipating with his calming magic. She could feel it, the cold tendrils slipping through her body and into her blood.

“Are you seriously using magic on me?”

He winked.

“Only because I love you.”