Who Am I?

Hello there!

My name is Sarah, a drama graduate with a love of all things fantasy. At this moment I’ve just finished writing my¬†first book!

The series!

Set in the fantasy world of Athia, you’ll meet Zola, a young mage who wants nothing more than to join her sister in protecting their home.


Believe it and it will become.

Breath and life shall thrive.

Create a space where anything can happen, from the unthinkable to an unrelenting beautiful fantasy.

I am a warrior, holding my sword to the sky I announce every victory with a howl.

I am a woman, I shoulder the pressures and sexist remarks of reality with a very, unladylike, snarl.

I am a dreamer, I let my mind float to the stars with every swish of the page.

I am me, a woman who wants everything.